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Every single day, you’re still missed and loved. RIP my lovely aunt, 02062012.


Wu-Tang Clan PS1 Controller
Some people may remember the 1999 video game that Wu-Tang Clan put out called Shaolin Style. It was basically a Mortal Kombat rip off with the Wu-Tang name in front of it, but the coolest part about it is that they also released the Wu-Tang Clan PS1 controller along side it. Although this controller is now discontinued from stores, it does pop up on EBAY from time to time. 




maybe Jesus was gay the whole time and was actually saying “ah, men”


my cat is almost ready to be picked

In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia, towering red cedars live a thousand years, and black bears are born with white fur.




harry potter didn’t have to do p.e. so why do i

Harry Potter played quidditch.

harry potter never did the beep test 

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